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Design Sprint 2016

“This will change my life” – comment from students attending the Summer of Student Innovation 2016 design sprint. Two students separately said this to me but I am sure many others feel the same. At my age I can point to several experiences that have changed my life, not all positive, however it is especially … Read more

Student Academic Literacy Tool (SALT) launch

Student Academic Literacy Tool (SALT) is now available in the apple and google app stores, for ios and android. It’s mission – to help students to improve their standard of academic writing by providing a handy reference with checklists and charts to track progress. Just to remind you, the SALT project was started with the aim … Read more

Team SALT- Who are we?

We are a team of four- three students and an academic. Nadine Spence, Luke Kennedy, Dr Sue Becker and I have been working as a student partnership for around a year and 6 months now to develop ‘The Student’s Academic Literacy Tool’ (SALT) for students in FE and HE institutions to improve their academic writing … Read more

Summer of Student Innovation 2016

Our challenge: could your students make an impact?  Jisc’s Summer of Student Innovation competitions are an opportunity for students to have an impact on life and study in work based learning providers, colleges and universities across the UK. Do your students have a bright idea that uses technology to improve study or student life? If … Read more

Build it and they will come

I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with the stage 2 SOSI winners from last year over the past couple of weeks and the first application has entered the development pipeline. We have chosen the Student Academic Literacy Tool (SALT) as our first development project. SALT aims to assist students to attain a high level of quality in … Read more

It’s all getting very real

I’ve recently been taking part design sprints to allow our stage 1 SOSI Projects to explore their visions in a safe but critical, and most importantly, trusted environment. It’s an approach that aims to explore what the user’s experience might be for a particular idea, and is great for solving problems before they happen, and … Read more