Student Academic Literacy Tool (SALT) launch

Student Academic Literacy Tool (SALT) is now available in the apple and google app stores, for ios and android. It’s mission – to help students to improve their standard of academic writing by providing a handy reference with checklists and charts to track progress.

Just to remind you, the SALT project was started with the aim of developing a resource to improve student writing by working in partnership with students to produce a set of materials which would make the key features of a good academic writing style accessible and identifiable to students spanning a range of ages and abilities. The partnership team was established in May 2014 and included Dr Sue Becker (Senior Lecturer in Psychology); Luke Kennedy (final year Psychology undergraduate); Holly Shahverdi (second year Psychology undergraduate) and Nadine Spence (First year Psychology undergraduate). The team were all based at University of Teesside.

Following research, it became obvious that a mobile tool would be most effective so the team decided to enter the Summer of Student Innovation competition. They were successful and received our help in Digital Futures to turn their idea into reality. SALT is the first SOSI app to be launched, but it certainly won’t be the last!

We made the app using Xamarin, a cross platform mobile app development tool that allows us to make native apps quickly. Follow some initial prototyping and feedback, we released a version of the tool for user testing, gathered feedback and fed that back into the development pipeline. We have a prioritised backlog of really nice features to add to later versions but we know this project needs to consider it’s sustainability so we’re helping the team explore that. In the meantime, we’ve got a modestly simple, yet incredibly useful little tool here and it’s time we shared it!

iOS –

Android –


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